keyword research service
Let's collect all search queries related to your business

Keyword Research Service

Collecting and clustering keywords for your website allows Google to understand what queries your website should rank for.

What is an SEO Keyword Research Service?

Keyword research is a professional service that helps businesses identify the most relevant and effective keywords to target in their website content. These services analyze search trends, keyword competitiveness, and searcher intent to determine the best keywords that can drive traffic to a website from search engines.

Professional Keyword Research Benefits

  • Are your SEO efforts not yielding the results you anticipated? Expert keyword research identifies the exact terms your potential customers are using to find services or products like yours.
  • Are you targeting relevant keywords?
    What worked yesterday may not today. Our keyword research service stays ahead of linguistic shifts and trends, ensuring your content remains relevant and discoverable.
  • Are you generating right traffic?
    Broad terms may attract visitors, but targeted keywords attract the right visitors. Keyword research shows niche-specific terms, increasing the conversion rate.
  • Do you know what keywords your competitors target?
    Our service not only identifies the keywords you should target but also analyzes those your competitors are using successfully, providing you with strategic insights to outperform them.

Our team is ready to collect semantic core for you.

What do our keyword research report include?

Executive Summary:

  • Briefly summarizes key findings and their impact on business goals.
  • Highlights high-value keywords and strategic opportunities.

Project Goals & Target Audience:

  • Confirms client’s objectives and target audience for the keyword research.

Seed Keywords & Brainstorming:

  • Briefly mentions the seed keywords used and how you arrived at them (for transparency).

Keyword Research Methods:

  • Explains the tools and methods used for keyword research (paid tools, free resources, competitor analysis).

Keyword Findings & Recommendations:

  • Provides a table/list of relevant keywords with metrics (search volume, competition level, CPC (optional)).
  • Analyzes search intent behind each keyword and explains its alignment with client goals.
  • Recommends specific keyword strategies for each category (e.g., brand awareness vs. conversions).

Actionable Insights & Next Steps:

  • Explains how the research informs content strategy, PPC campaigns (if applicable), or other marketing initiatives.
  • Outlines clear next steps (e.g., incorporating keywords into content, prioritizing high-value keywords).


  • Summarizes key takeaways and reiterates the value of keyword research for client success.