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We offer all types of SEO services at competitive prices with a guarantee of quality execution. Check out all the SEO services and choose which one your website needs.

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Driving organic traffic through personalized SEO experiences for truly end-to-end business building.

Audits 🔎

On-page SEO Audit

We analyze content quality, keyword density, HTML tags, and the overall structure, providing actionable insights for improvement.

Off-page SEO Audit

We deeply assess backlink profiles, competitor link building strategies, toxicity score, and online presence to recommend effective off-page SEO tactics for boosting your search engine ranking and domain authority.

Technical SEO Audit

We audit your website’s architecture, scrutinizing load times, HTTPS status, XML sitemaps, and robots.txt files. Our audit delves into schema markup, canonical tags, and redirects, identifying discrepancies that could affect search engine crawling and indexing.

Keyword Research

We search for trends and competition to distill high-impact keywords, grouping it, and develop strategies with priority of SERP dominance, relevance, and client engagement for your niche.

Mobile SEO Audit

Unsure if your website is optimized for mobile devices? Our expert mobile SEO audit will provide a detailed evaluation and quickly resolve any issues, ensuring optimal performance and improved search rankings.

SEO Content Audit

Do you want to check if your content is good enough to be #1 in SERPs? Seotwix will audit every letter of your website content to find growth points.

SEO Competitor Analysis​

We deep into your competitors' SEO strategies, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. We check their keyword utilization, backlink profiles, content quality, and technical SEO practices. This insight allows us to build powerful strategies that will boost your website ahead in search engine rankings.

Local SEO Audit

Checking across local listings, maps, and reviews, ensuring accuracy and optimization for geo-specific searches. We analyze local keywords, NAP consistency, and Google My Business profile optimization, providing strategies to improve local visibility and attract nearby customers.

On-page SEO 🎯

Meta Tag Optimization

We write and publishing keyword-focused meta titles and meta descriptions. This improves your Clickthrough rate (CTR) and SEO rankings.

Schema Markup Implementation

We implement Schema markup to increase visibility through rich snippets and directly impacting SERP positioning and user interaction.

Keyword Placement

We insert relevant keywords within your content, ensuring natural integration that improves SEO without deteriorating readability, aligning with user intent and search engine algorithms.

SEO copywriting

Our SEO copywriting is data-driven keyword research with an expert understanding of user intent, creating content that outperforms in both SEO relevance and user engagement. Without using AI.

Technical SEO ⚙️

Page Speed Optimization

Our technical SEO team will fix your Core Web Vitals (FID, LCP, CLS), resulting in blazing-fast load times and a superior user experience.

Finding & Fixing Broken Links

We find and remove broken links. Say goodbye to dead ends and frustrated clicks! This keeps your website healthy and visitors happy.

Internal Linking

Have a website that's a spiderweb for search engines! We relevant linking your pages, optimizing information flow and distributing link juice (SEO power) for dominant rankings. Users enjoy a seamless experience, and search engines reward your well-structured site.

Canonical Tags Fixing

Search engines get confused by duplicate content on your site. We fix that! By using the right tools, we ensure search engines see the single preferred version of your content. This prevents indexing penalties, boosts website authority, and optimizes your ranking potential.

URL Structure Optimization

We change structures of website URLs by making them clear, descriptive, and SEO-friendly. This not only helps visitors understand your website structure but also makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index your pages.

SSL Protocol Connecting

We migrate your website from HTTP to secure HTTPS. This process involves implementing valid SSL certificates, ensuring flawless redirection, and verifying search engine recognition.

Sitemap Optimization (XML/HTML)

We optimize both XML and HTML sitemaps, ensuring search engines can effortlessly discover all your content while offering users a clear navigation tool.

Robots.txt Optimization

We prioritize high-value pages for crawling while strategically disallowing low-priority content to optimize crawl budget.

Link Building 🔗

Guest Posting

We place a dofollow link to your website on high-traffic websites in your niche. Our guest posts get you noticed, and boost your link juice.

Crowd Marketing

We mention your website in relevant forums and social media, building brand awareness and generating natural backlinks through genuine conversation.

Link Insertion

We find highly relevant content on authoritative websites and through strategic outreach, we make link placements that integrate perfectly with the existing content.

Press Releases

Our SEO writers translates your brand story into newsworthy content. We leverage strategic distribution channels to reach the most relevant journalists, maximizing media pickup and online visibility.

Google Business Profile Optimization

We optimize your Google Business Profile for peak visibility. Accurate info, compelling descriptions, stunning photos, and strategic posting attract customers.

Local Citation Building

Our experts build a network of local citations, ensuring your business information is consistently listed across the web.

Website Content Localization

We localize your website content for the US, Canada, or the UK. Think peppering in local slang, and optimizing for regional search terms. This tells Google and visitors you're speaking their language, literally and figuratively, boosting local ranking and engagement.

Additional services

Website Development

We choose a domain, hosting, set it all up, and develop a website using WordPress or Webflow CMS.

Online Reputation Management

We proactively monitor your online reputation across various platforms including review management, positive client review generation, and negative review response.

Looking for a complete SEO solution?

Our team creates data-driven strategies designed to attract more qualified visitors from search engines. We offer monthly SEO packages to fit your unique business needs.

Monthly SEO Packages

Looking for a long-term partnership? We are looking for it too! Check our SEO packages.

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