Do you want to know how your website interacts with mobile devices?

Mobile SEO Audit Service

Most people use their phones not only to check Instagram and make calls, but also to browse various websites. Not sure your website works good on mobile devices? A mobile SEO audit from Seotwix will show you all the details.

What is a mobile SEO audit?

A mobile SEO audit is a detailed review of how well your website performs on mobile devices. We check everything from the speed of your site to how easily users can navigate and interact with your content on smartphones and tablets.

Who Needs a Mobile SEO Audit?

  • Small business owners who rely on local customers. Many people use their phones to find local services, so having a mobile-optimized site can directly boost in-store traffic.
  • Online shops, where mobile-friendly sites can make shopping easier, potentially increasing sales. If customers find your site hard to use on a phone, they might go to a competitor instead.
  • Bloggers and content creators who want to reach a broader audience. A good mobile experience keeps readers on your site longer, possibly increasing ad revenue or subscriptions.
  • Companies that have only a website and rely on website traffic. If your campaigns lead users to a site that doesn’t work well on mobile, you can lose customers.
  • Non-profits and organizations aim to increase engagement and donations.

Our team is ready to audit.

What does your mobile SEO audit report include?

  • Mobile Friendliness Test: Assessment of the site’s responsiveness and suitability for mobile devices.
  • Page Speed Analysis: Evaluation of how quickly pages load on mobile devices, identifying delays.
  • User Experience Review: Examination of the ease of navigation, readability, and accessibility on mobile.
  • Viewport Configuration: Checking if the viewport meta tag is set to adjust the layout to different devices.
  • Touch Elements Spacing: Ensuring buttons and links are spaced adequately to prevent mis-taps.
  • Mobile Redirects: Verification of proper redirects for mobile users to the appropriate version of the site.
  • Resource Compression and Minification: Review of resource optimization, including compression of images and minification of CSS and JavaScript.
  • Mobile Keywords Analysis: Analysis of keywords tailored for mobile users to optimize search visibility.
  • Content Evaluation: Review of content formatting to ensure it’s optimized for mobile screens and usability.
  • Technical SEO Check: Includes checks for structured data, XML sitemaps, and robots.txt specific to mobile settings.
  • HTTPS Security: Verification that the site uses HTTPS to ensure secure browsing on mobile devices.