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Everyone dreams of having a high-performing website with high traffic and conversions, or many mentions on the web. However, not everyone achieves this. This is often caused by errors that are actually easy to fix. They make it difficult for potential clients to visit your website and discourage them from staying longer, not to mention buying your offer. Fortunately, I know proven ways to help you achieve the goal of your dreams: a flourishing website.

Why your business needs a website

It’s not easy to imagine life without enjoying the internet. Online shopping, online medical exams, or simply researching information are integral parts of everyday life. The internet is also ubiquitous, and you have no choice but to adapt to this virtual reality, especially in managing your business.

Your business needs a website. A professional and complete website, preferably one that your customers will fall in love with at first sight and want to use your products and services immediately. Your website should encourage them to take action: make a purchase, send a request, visit a business, or make an appointment.

A modern and convincing website is now an essential element to acquire a customer, both for those looking for businesses on the internet and for those “on recommendation” who consult your company on the web, based on opinions about you.

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How to create a successful website – 5 tips you should use now!

1. Implement a modern and thoughtful website design

All effective websites have several similarities: modern style, well-thought-out structure, and intuitive navigation. Your website should also have these characteristics to attract the public and turn them into loyal customers.

Internet users form an opinion about your site in just a few milliseconds! So you need to convince them to stay on the site long enough to become familiar with its offer/make a purchase.

How can you do this?

1) Keep your website up to date with the latest web design trends, but don’t overdo it.

Stay true to your brand while doing so. Don’t forget readable and well-chosen fonts and let the color palette harmonize with your brand and naturally attract attention.

2) Usually, less is more. Focus on clearly communicating to users that you are exactly what they need. Avoid elements that can distract people visiting your website or hinder the purchase process or decide to take advantage of the offer.

3) Nowadays, every website must look good on all devices, so make sure yours is responsive (mobile-friendly).

2. Know your audience well

Without a good understanding of your target audience, you won’t be able to effectively reach them with your proposition, let alone satisfy their most important needs.

Your website should be tailored to the people it is targeting.

Here are some tips for you to reach your target audience:

1) Speak the language of your audience

Research the language used by your target group. Check the audience profiles of your products on social media and forums or look at the competition – it’s always a good idea. Speak simply, especially if you are presenting complex topics.

2) Identify and solve your audience’s problems

First, find out what is essential for your audience, what interests them, what causes problems, and what will benefit from using your product/service. Publish content that solves your customers’ problems. Avoid too much advertising content – it no longer works. Today, content marketing is exactly tailored to the audience you are targeting.

3. Be visible and available to customers

The internet allows you to quickly find the information you need or take care of essential questions, such as making a purchase or scheduling an appointment. Your customers expect the same speed from your business.

Here are some tips to stay in touch with your customers:

1) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can be sure that customers will ask identical or similar questions about your products or services. Try to anticipate and respond. Each niche has popular questions that are often asked by customers. Get ahead of the curve. Answer all popular and frequently asked customer questions on your website. With a well-structured and visible FAQ subpage, you’ll gain customer trust and save a lot of time!

FAQs are essential and underestimated elements of communication on websites – they can be like a light in a tunnel that illuminates the path of customers, leading them directly to use your services. Having an FAQ section on your website presents another advantage that not everyone remembers. The answers from this section can also appear in search results, increasing your presence in the SERP (in search results) and thus attracting more traffic to your website.

2) Contact form

This is where the customer can ask a more complex and niche question than those answered in the FAQ. Make sure the form is visible, easy to find, and works correctly.

Check the contact form by sending an email to, for example, your private email address.

3) Live chat

Customers are often impatient and don’t intend to wait, so allow them to ask their boring questions while browsing the site. This shows that you are available and ready to help. If a customer writes during hours when you can’t respond, they should receive an automatic reply indicating that their message has been received and they will receive an answer to their question. If your budget is higher, use the smart chat that answers customers’ questions in a way that you define.

4) Google My Business profile

After creating your website and managing a local business, create a Google My Business profile. Fill in as many fields as possible: enter your business name, address, contact details, and opening hours, and add photos of your business or your projects. Thanks to this, your business will be easier to find on the internet.

5) Social media account

Having your own website is very important for the business. However, social media deserves to be supported, to stay in touch with recipients and keep them informed about important issues. Think about social channels that will be right for your business and post content that will interest your target group. What can engage your customers? Being authentic: this is today’s most reliable and inspires the most significant trust.

6) SEO – search results optimization

One of the most important and effective ways to create visibility on the web is SEO, that is, optimizing the website, content, etc. for search results. The more you care about SEO, the more your projects will appear on specific keywords entered in the search engine. To get more customers you should want your content to appear in the highest positions, thus reaching a wider audience.

4. Build trust and loyalty

The website must inspire confidence in you, your business, and the offer. Without this, you cannot expect a crowd of customers to blindly buy your product or service. Building this trust is not easy. Positive reviews from customers who are already familiar with your goods or services will help you here.

Reviews and ratings are a great way to build trust with your customers. With honest feedback, customers can be assured they are making a good purchase decision. By sharing your customers’ reviews and experiences with other people interested in your offer, you are also demonstrating transparency, essential for today’s consumers.

5. Test, observe, analyze… and so on

It takes time for your customer relationship to develop and for your website to generate real benefits. Don’t give up. Be consistent and act according to the plan.

Remember to constantly monitor the situation to react to solutions that work, as well as those that do more harm than good. How can you do it?

1) Use analysis and referencing tools

Connect Google Analytics tools to your website. With them, you will have access to the site’s data and its users. Other referencing tools will also allow you to perform a website audit so that we can detect any errors and gaps on the website and be able to correct them.

2) Keep an eye on the competition

Follow your competitors’ activities on the internet. Check from time to time if the competitors have not modified their websites. Do not follow these changes right away, but think about what they could bring and their possible effects.


A professional and well-designed website will be appreciated by visitors and Google, paving the way for your future customers. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to all issues that affect its success from the beginning of a website. Again, I will remember you how you can make your website a success:

1) Implement a modern and thoughtful website design

2) Know your audience well

3) Be visible and available to customers

4) Strengthen trust and loyalty

5) Test, observe, analyze… and so on.

By following these steps, you will quickly notice an improvement in your website, both in the number of monthly visits and in the best results in auditing the referencing. Remember that each of these results allows you to increase the success of your website and, therefore, the development of your business.

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