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Google My Business is specially designed to help local businesses.

Once you set up your business in Google My Business. Your business information will be shown to potential clients who are actively looking for your services or products.

A recent study by bright local found that more than 75% of Google my business listings are found through organic searches.

28% of local searches result in a purchase.

Benefits of Google My Business

Increase Trust

Google will display the business listings to the users when it thinks that your business could help the user.

This means if Google trusts your business, it will show your business to the users. People believe Google, and they trust your business too.

Get More Visitors to Your Website.

Google My Business provides almost all the information like phone number, URL, address, operating hours, about info.

This helps users to understand that your business is relevant to their search if they want more information about your business; they need to visit your business website.

Helps You Get More Sales.

If your business matches with the user query your business might show up in the search results and there is a possibility to call you or visit your store.

Ex: if you own a supermarket, people might search on google like supermarkets near me, supermarkets in San Francisco or San Francisco supermarkets.

If your business appears for such queries, you might get a call because you have updated your contact number and address on google maps.

Users might also visit your store to purchase the products.

Brings Customers to Your Door Steps.

According to the stats revealed at SMX East

72% of Consumers Who Did a Local Search Visited a Store within 5 Miles

To drive customers to your store, ensure that your google maps rank at top positions every time users search for your business online, also, ensure the directions to your store are correct.

Engage with Customers

Google My Business provides plenty of options for businesses to engage with customers, you can post something related to your business that interests your target audience.

Not only posts you can also create events, upload photos, and videos, do these activities for several months you can’t believe the engagement that is getting on your Google My Business account.

Helps Customers to Know More About Your Business.

When you are continuously creating helpful posts, events, videos, and images, customers will come to know more about your business and might refer your company to their friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors whenever they need your services.

Understand and Expand Your Presence

Google My Business provides you with insights like how customers searched to find your business, the location of the customers, and also provides the information like how many people called your business using the information available at Google My Business.

You can use this insight and optimize your GMB account to get more sales and expand your presence.

It is completely free

Google My Business is entirely free to use, and it shows your business to the right people (Potential clients) at the right time (When they search your business) to the people in your surroundings.


Google My Business provides value to every business.

We hope you understand the importance of GMB, if you did not list your business in GMB Create it right away to take your business to the next level.

Reach us if you need any help in creating your Google My Business account and verifying it.

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