From 328 to 1020 visitors in 6 Months: Plumbing SEO Case Study

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About project

Domain Age:

19 years




Toronto, Canada

SEO traffic (before):

328 visitors

SEO traffic (after):

1050 visitors

Keyword Groups Difficulty:




Investment Length:

6 months

Problem Identification

Once we understood the business objectives and received an access to Google Search Console we immediately started to audit the website. 

Technical Audit Execution

The first problem we’ve noticed was technical part of the website. The website was slowest. Viktoria from our team opened and the Core Web Vitals report was so poor. A fixing of Page Speed Insights became the first task we wrote in our plan to execute with the highest priority. 

plumbing page speed seotwix

Then we opened Screaming Frog, chose the right User Agent, and launch a crawling. There were around a thousand of different pages, posts, files and almost a half of them were with the 400 (Bad Request) status code or 301 (Redirect) status code. Many of “Missed canonical tags” errors and many more technical stuff. 

We continued to deep audit their website, and after collecting all the issues, we moved on to link building audit.

"No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO."

Analyzing the Backlink Profile

After finishing the technical side, we shifted gears to audit the backlink profile. The tools of choice for this expedition were Ahrefs, Semrush and Majestic.

What we found was a mixed bag. Sure, there were some solid high DR links from sites that made us nod in approval. These were the “keepers”, the kind of backlinks that give a website its link juice. But then, there were the others – a bunch of no-good, low-quality links that looked like they crawled out of the web’s darker corners. These were the links we knew Google does not welcome, the sort that could drag a website down out the top 100 of search rankings.

There was the really high toxicity score. The process of disavow was just inevitable.
toxicity score by semrush

The Solution

So, as you may have guessed the main problems were the technical health of the website and the backlink profile.

But there are a few more:

  • Low-quality content;
  • Unhelpful content;
  • No call-to-action elements;
  • Not optimized meta tags.

After fixing all the technical problems and allowing Google Crawler to make their job with enjoy we started restructuring low-quality and unhelpful content. This wasn’t just about adding some new words on a page; it was a deep clean. We  were remaking every piece of content through the lens of usefulness, value, and engagement. The goal was to ensure that every article, every post, and every page helped the reader in some way, answered their questions, or solved a problem they didn’t even know they had.

Then, we introduced CTA elements. We’re talking buttons, links, and phrases that practically grabbed visitors by the hand and said, “Hey, don’t leave just yet! Check this out!” or “Get in touch with us!”.

This was about making it crystal clear what the visitor should do next, whether it was subscribing to a blog, downloading a guide, or requesting a quote.

While Viktoria was busy with meta tags optimization, other members started analyzing and disavowing bad, low-DR, toxic links to Google Disavow Tool. After we declined about 600 referring domains to disavow.txt file, we immediately started to build a new off-page strategy.

All the tasks you’ve read above, we completed within 4 months. And then was time to show the result.

And the result is this:

success stories

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