The Main Skills of an SEO Expert: Understanding the Role and Responsibilities


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To rank high in search engine results, companies often rely on an SEO agency or an SEO expert. An SEO expert possesses all the necessary skills to improve the performance of a website to generate significant traffic and ultimately, more conversions. In this article, we will look at the main skills of an SEO expert.

The job of an SEO expert

An SEO expert, also known as an “SEO optimizer” or “SEO consultant,” is a professional responsible for the natural referencing of a website. In this regard, the job of an SEO expert brings together several fields related to web marketing, communication, content writing, web technologies, etc.

This recent profession is gaining momentum with the progressive digitization of all sectors of activity.

How the SEO expert’s service works

An SEO expert is a full-fledged project manager. The service of an SEO consultant generally takes place in 4 stages:‍

  • Audit: The audit is an important phase to start the analysis of your website. The SEO expert will ask you about your desires and ambitions for your website. He will then identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website to know the appropriate strategy.
  • Elaboration of the strategy: This stage will allow the client to understand the strategies to be deployed to improve the performance of their website.
  • Implementation of the strategy: This phase will allow the SEO expert to take action by implementing the optimizations defined in the previous stage.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring is very important in the job of an SEO expert because it will allow him to evolve the performance and actions taken. An important step that will allow modifying and adjusting the strategy.

Now, having understood the principles of the work of a SEO specialist, let’s move on to the skills that every SEO expert must have to succeed in this field.

Being an expert in web referencing

The SEO consultant must be a true expert in natural referencing. Indeed, optimizing referencing has no secrets for him. He will allow your company to have more visibility on the web. This visibility will generate more traffic to the site and increase the number of conversions.

The job of an SEO optimizer will allow your site to be well-referenced in search engines.

The SEO expert will establish a complete strategy for your SEO. He has a high level of technical skills, particularly in the world of programming, mastering several languages ​​(HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.). He has a deep understanding of how search engine algorithms work. Also, he can advise you on the right keywords to use in the content to achieve better results.

In the vast field of SEO, the expert can specialize in a particular branch such as editorial SEO or net linking. The most experienced in the profession can specialize in several areas.

Being an expert in the company’s digital marketing

In addition to these referencing skills, the SEO expert also masters the different subtleties of web marketing. For this, the profession requires knowledge of inbound marketing, a marketing strategy aimed at attracting Internet users with high-added value content.

It is also important to master some notions of paid referencing to improve the company’s overall marketing strategy.

Currently, the best SEO experts also work on optimizing natural referencing on social networks (SMO). This sector is the new gem of the web, and integrating social networks into its marketing strategy has become a formidable weapon.

Having good adaptability

An SEO expert will have different clients throughout their career. For this reason, they must have good adaptability to achieve the goals set by the client. Thus, communication between the company and the SEO consultant is the basis for the success of the strategies developed in advance. The SEO expert needs to understand the client’s industry. As a client, you should not hesitate to explain your expectations and long-term objectives to the SEO expert.

In addition, it is also important to evaluate together the necessary investments to achieve a significant return on investment for the company. Indeed, generating strong traffic to your website often requires significant investment. Thus, it is sometimes easier to target quality traffic rather than quantity traffic. With the know-how of the SEO expert, you will be able to optimize your budget while ensuring qualified traffic within your site.

Having a strong analytical skill

Effective analysis is a key skill in the job of an SEO consultant. Indeed, this very versatile field presents several parameters to analyze before making a decision. Moreover, every decision made could impact the performance of the company.

Thus, the SEO expert must be able to define the state of your site during the audit. It is very important, to be honest in order not to disappoint the client by giving false hopes. For this, the SEO expert must tell things as they are. For example, for a mediocre site, he/she must make the client understand that optimization requires a significant investment or that a radical change of content is necessary.

It is indeed very important to have good analytical skills in order not to make mistakes before opting for a particular digital strategy.

Keeping up with the latest web trends

The web world is constantly evolving. Thus, it is very important for the web expert to follow the latest web trends, especially in terms of technical advancements, market evolution, and Google’s algorithm.

Technical advancements

The SEO expert must be able to know the latest web features inside out. This involves following new technologies and improvements to existing technologies. Indeed, it is necessary to understand the various subtleties of the web to master SEO techniques perfectly.

Market evolution

It is also very important for the SEO expert to follow trends in the market. Indeed, the market on the web is very evolutionary due to the constant emergence of new competition. For this, one must know the trendy keywords and adapt them to the client’s site.

Google’s algorithm

Google’s algorithm is also subject to several regular modifications to improve the user experience. Thus, the SEO expert must know how to adapt to all facets of new search engine algorithms.


In summary, the job of an SEO expert requires versatile skills to fully satisfy client demands. To be successful as an SEO expert, one must possess a wide range of skills and knowledge to keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape. The ability to analyze data and make informed decisions, develop effective SEO strategies, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and algorithm changes is crucial. Additionally, strong communication skills are necessary to effectively collaborate with clients and other team members. An expert SEO must be adaptable and able to handle different clients and their unique needs. Ultimately, the success of an SEO expert lies in their ability to generate high-quality traffic to a client’s website and achieve a strong return on investment. By mastering these essential skills, SEO experts can position themselves as valuable assets to any organization looking to establish a strong online presence and drive business growth.

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