The Importance of SEO for Modern Businesses


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of modern business, but it is also widely misunderstood. If you do a swift search for SEO on any search engine, you’ll come across numerous results asserting that SEO has become obsolete. Many webmasters who were once strong supporters of SEO strategies have changed their minds after realizing that they cannot game the system. As a business creator, you may find these contradictory views confusing, so it is important to get the right information to make an informed decision. The bottom line is that without an online presence, there is no way for you to tap into the growing online market. If you have wondered how to boost your business using the online market, this SEO guide will be helpful.

SEO Statistics

Why should you care about SEO anyway? Isn’t Google supposed to find you naturally? Well, millions of websites are launched every day, but only a small percentage reach their goals. If your site is not well-ranked on search engine results pages (SERPs), there is no way for your target audience to find you. 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of SERPs. If your website is not on that page, it means that you simply do not exist. Furthermore, nowadays 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, which again underscores the importance of having a high ranking on SERPs. The study shows that 70 to 80% of internet users ignore paid advertisements and focus instead on organic results. This is one of the reasons why you should focus on attracting organic traffic through best SEO practices.

Why SEO is Important for Your Business

Whatever type of business you market online, you can now take advantage of the growing number of internet users to reach your goals. If you can leverage the number of internet users, you need to boost your ranking on SERPs using different strategies. Here are some reasons why you should invest in SEO, regardless of the size of your business:

Brand Visibility

If you want to be competitive in your niche, then you need to ensure that your brand is visible and easily recognizable. Some of the most popular websites on Google, including the BBC, CNN, and the New York Times, among others, have managed to stay ahead in their niche through online branding. By investing in SEO services, businesses can generate quality traffic and over time, their brands have become more trustworthy due to increased visibility. When your customers try to find you online, they expect to find you on the first page of SERPs for a targeted keyword, and if not, your brand will lose its shine.

Increased Quality Traffic

If you want to be a success online, you must begin with lead generation. Indeed, more traffic may not necessarily translate to higher conversions, but eventually, you will begin to rank well, and over time, your SEO strategy will evolve towards an increase in conversion. Essentially, you cannot convert if you don’t have traffic.

By implementing SEO tactics such as link building, directory submission, web auditing, keyword optimization, and analysis, among others, it becomes easier to attract relevant traffic and this ultimately drives sales on your website.

Impressive RCI

It’s undeniable that modern business marketing is expensive. Small businesses struggle to gather the capital needed to compete with global brands that have dedicated budgets to increase their visibility and attract traffic. However, digital marketing has changed all that as most of these tools are easier to build and implement. For example, video, which has become a full-fledged SEO strategy, is cheap to produce and launch. Most SEO techniques do not require a big budget and it’s no wonder small businesses can compete favorably with their larger counterparts.

Google Analytics for Better Consumer Insights

The modern marketing landscape has changed and today, using data in marketing now influences the success of the strategy used. For instance, choosing to market on Facebook may seem like a foolproof idea until Google Analytics reveals that your target audience doesn’t even use its social media platform, but prefers Instagram. Your SEO strategy must be guided by consumer insights to achieve better-targeted marketing results.

Building Your Credibility

When you establish an online presence, you are conveying a subtle message to potential customers. Your website can be used to entertain, educate, and convince customers of the value of your services. When an internet user wants to find a reliable brand in a particular sector, they will go straight to a search engine, and if your business is not well-ranked, you can bet there will be reservations about the credibility of your brand. This is one of the reasons why small businesses have been able to disrupt big brands by creating credible websites and attracting the modern-conscious consumer.


There is no denying that the internet marketing platform is becoming more competitive than ever. However, there is still progress in internet marketing to boost your SEO campaign. With a better ranking on search engines, you will increase your brand visibility and ultimately increase sales conversion. As Google continues to update its algorithm, your SEO strategy must continue to evolve to adapt to these changes. Hiring an SEO expert is a big step towards achieving your business goals, as these experts have the resources and expertise needed to promote your website.

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