Google Ads Consulting: How a Google Ads Consultant Can Transform Your Campaigns


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Calling on the services of a Google Ads consultant can be a good way to optimize the profitability of your campaigns. Google Ads is an advertising platform that represents an opportunity to grow your business. However, the mechanisms of campaign operation are quite complex. You need a minimum amount of time to properly manage your campaigns.

In this context, hiring a Google Ads expert can be a solution.

By delegating the management of your campaigns, you will be able to focus on your core business. There are other reasons to call on a Google Ads consultant.

In this article, I will try to answer several questions while remaining as objective as possible.

1. Should you hire a Google Ads consultant?

Each company is different. Let’s look at 3 possible scenarios.

1.1 You have a small budget but time to manage your campaigns

If your budgets are very limited on Google Ads, you do not need a Google Ads consultant’s long-term support. In this situation, you have several alternatives.

First, you can call on a professional to take stock of your account. The goal is to analyze your existing campaigns and identify areas for improvement. Conducting an audit can be a good compromise. This audit can give you the direction to follow to restructure your campaigns and achieve better results.

If the audit represents a cost that is too high for you, there are other options: take a training course. A Google Ads training course can help you better understand how this advertising platform works. Learning is one of the paths to gaining skills in a specific field. There are now online courses that explain in detail how to create profitable Google Ads campaigns.

1.2. You have no time but significant budgets

If you are investing significant amounts in Google Ads, then the help of a consultant can be very beneficial. However, at this stage, you may think that the support of a Google Ads consultant will be too expensive…

On the contrary:

1) Currently, if you don’t have time to manage your campaigns, then there is a good chance that your budget is not being properly spent. The intervention of an expert will reduce areas of waste and reallocate your budgets to important elements of your campaigns.

1) These tips will save you a lot of money. The long-term gains can be very significant.

In this case, the support of a Google Ads consultant for your campaigns seems to me the most logical.

1.3. You have time and significant budgets

Sometimes, people spend significant budgets but want to retain control of their campaigns. They prefer to follow the results themselves and make changes directly in their account.

However, aware of their lack of expertise in this area, they want to learn more about the subject. In this case, training can be a good solution. It is well adapted to their situation. They can gain skills in Google Ads. By improving themselves, they improve the management of their Google Ads campaign and the results obtained.

Sometimes training is not enough.

In addition to training, coaching sessions can be very useful. These sessions help the owner of the Google Ads account to take stock of their advertising strategy.

Indeed, Google Ads is a complex tool. The subtleties of the platform can escape more than one person. Coaching sessions aim to take stock of Google Ads campaigns in real-time. During coaching, the Google Ads consultant can provide a lot of value by delivering targeted advice to their client based on their situation.

2. Why is hiring a Google Ads consultant so important?

Digital marketing represents several areas:

1) Acquisition (SEO, paid campaigns, social media…)

2) Conversion (copywriting, landing page optimization)

3) Retention and loyalty (emailing strategy)

Finding an expert who excels in all these areas is an almost impossible task.

However, a Google Ads consultant may be required to master several areas:

1) Traffic acquisition through SEO or Facebook Ads campaigns

2) Analytics to better track data

3) Copywriting to improve the conversion rate of your sales pages…

This synergy of knowledge can make it easier for the consultant to identify the means to engage to achieve your goals.

Sometimes, after analyzing the situation, it is possible to recommend to a client to reallocate their budgets to another advertising platform (such as Facebook Ads) to promote their products.

In addition to being a specialist in other areas, the Google consultant must know the most important aspects of this platform.

He must know:

2.1 Understand your problems

A good Google Ads consultant doesn’t just execute what is asked of him. He must take the time to understand your business and business model. By knowing your customers and your environment, he will make better decisions when optimizing your Google Ads campaigns.

2.2 Configure your account correctly

Depending on your business sector, the consultant must adapt the structure of your Google Ads account.

He must deploy the campaigns that will achieve the set objectives.

If you have an e-commerce site, he will try to set up Google Shopping campaigns, Search campaigns, but also dynamic remarketing campaigns with Display.

On the other hand, if your goal is to introduce your brand to a specific audience, he will likely recommend creating YouTube Ads campaigns or Display campaigns.

2.3 Perform a keyword research

Optimizing your keyword strategy is at the heart of Google Ads. Semantic analysis is crucial to identify the most relevant terms to position yourself on.

This keyword research takes time. A consultant should offer you a complete semantic analysis that will help you optimize the results of your Google Ads campaigns.

2.4 Write effective ads

Selecting the right keywords is important. Ad copywriting plays an important role in achieving good results in Google Ads.

The consultant must create ads that aim to optimize the click-through rate of your campaigns. Knowledge of copywriting will be necessary to write titles with effective hooks.

He will configure ad extensions (if necessary) to improve the visibility of your ads.

2.5 Optimize your landing pages

Keyword research, ad copywriting, and campaign structure are part of the Google Ads consultant’s mission.

However, these actions represent only 50% of the results in your campaigns.  The ability to optimize your landing pages to get more conversions is crucial. This expertise is as important as campaign optimization. It will have an impact on the remaining 50% of the results of your campaigns.

You can generate traffic to your website with Google Ads campaigns. But if people do not convert on your landing page, the return on investment of your campaigns will be negative. That’s why expertise in optimizing landing pages for a Google Ads consultant seems essential to me.

2.6 Monitor results

To analyze the results of your campaigns, a consultant must set up conversion tracking.

The goal is to track interactions made by Internet users on your website:

1) Purchase made

2) Added to cart

3)Appointment with a salesperson

4) Form filled out

This data will allow you to analyze your results and make the best decisions.

3. Four criteria for choosing a Google Ads consultant

3.1 Is the consultant a Google Partner?

The Google Partner status attests to the consultant’s efforts to grow their clients by managing their campaigns, optimizing their success, and demonstrating their Google Ads expertise and skills through certifications.

A consultant who is a Google Partner can be a good sign for making your decision. But in reality, this indicator does not necessarily mean that you will get better results compared to a consultant who is not yet a Google Partner.

You should rely on other criteria to make your decision.

3.2 Does the consultant have Google Ads certifications?

Google offers free certifications on its Skillshop site. This learning platform provides courses for free training on Google Ads products. Exams can be taken on this platform to obtain Google Ads certifications. These are professional accreditations that prove a person’s expertise in specific areas.

There are certifications for both Google Ads Search and YouTube Ads, Display campaigns, and Google Shopping campaigns. Ultimately, possessing a Google Ads certification demonstrates consultant skills in the field.

In reality, there is a difference between the ability to manage Google Ads campaigns daily and obtaining Google Ads certifications. Certifications remain very theoretical. They do not prove a person’s ability to manage Google Ads campaigns 100%.

That’s why I recommend that you select a Google consultant based on other criteria.

3.3 Does the Google Ads consultant have experience?

Nowadays, many people proclaim themselves experts in a field without truly mastering it. That’s why I recommend that you speak directly with the Google Ads consultant to learn about their experience.

Scheduling a meeting via Zoom or Google Meet is very easy. Dedicate an hour of your time. The goal of this exchange is to take the pulse. During this meeting, you will explain your situation and your objectives. A good consultant will ask you a lot of questions to fully understand the stakes of the mission. They may provide you with estimates (cost per click, search volume) in your sector or even conduct simulations on your sales or leads generated while taking into account media budgets and conversion rates.

These simulations allow you to obtain answers about the profitability of your Google Ads campaigns. You will discover whether launching Google Ads campaigns is profitable for your business. That’s why a Google Ads consultant must be transparent and warn you of any risks. They should be able to make you understand the following: in your situation, can launching Google Ads campaigns help you grow your business

It is also always positive if a consultant masters a complementary channel.

3.4 Conduct research on the internet

The internet is a mine of information. You can search for information about the Google Ads consultant:

1) Do they have a website?

2) Do they publish on social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn…)?

3) Do they have a Youtube channel?

5) Have customer reviews been shared?

Sometimes consulting customer reviews or social media posts can help you form an opinion. This advice applies to other fields as well: SEO, copywriting, design, and development.

A consultant recognized in their field by their colleagues is a good sign.


Being accompanied by a Google Ads consultant can help you take your business to the next level. However, I always recommend that you challenge your consultant. They should not only be an executor. They should be proactive and adapt the advertising strategy based on the results.

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