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Hello! If you’re a lawyer in Chicago wanting to get your website noticed more on Google, here’s a simple SEO guide for Chicago lawyers. We’ll talk about making your website more relevant to what people search for and how to show Google you’re an expert in your legal field.

1. Focus on Your Specialty ⚖️


lawyer website design chicago

Make sure your website clearly shows your specialty.
Chicago’s legal landscape is huge, with countless talented lawyers. But standing out in a crowded marketplace requires focus.

Here’s why niching down is your secret weapon for dominating SEO for lawyers in Chicago:

Why Niche Matters

Imagine Chicago as a bustling city, each neighborhood offering unique services. Similarly, different areas of law cater to specific legal needs. Potential clients searching for legal help use targeted keywords to find the right lawyer – someone specializing in their exact problem.

Use the “Niche driven SEO” technique

By focusing on a specific legal niche like family law, criminal defense, or personal injury, you attract qualified leads and improve your SEO game.

Here’s how:

  • Targeted Keywords: Instead of generic terms like “Chicago lawyer,” identify long-tail keywords related to your chosen niche. For example, a family lawyer might target “Chicago child custody lawyer” or “Chicago divorce attorney.” Integrating these keywords throughout your website content helps search engines understand who you serve.

  • Content Optimization: Create valuable website content and blog posts that address the specific legal challenges faced by your niche audience. Optimize titles, meta descriptions, headings, and website copy with relevant keywords.

  • Local SEO Integration: For Chicago-based lawyers, niche targeting goes hand-in-hand with local SEO. Optimize your Google My Business profile with targeted keywords related to your niche and location. Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews and build local citations on relevant directories.

2. Write About a Variety of Related Topics


seo topics for lawyer website

Create content (like articles or blog posts) that covers everything someone curious about your area of law might want to know. If you specialize in employment law, write about contract tips, worker rights, recent legal changes, and case studies. This shows Google and visitors that you know your stuff.

Don’t be afraid to diversify your content.
Here are some content formats that align with Chicago audiences:

  • Informative Articles: Explain complex legal concepts in simple, easy-to-understand language. Break down legal processes into step-by-step guides or answer frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  • Case Studies (with Anonymity): Share anonymized success stories showcasing your expertise in handling specific legal matters relevant to your niche. This demonstrates your capabilities and builds trust with potential clients facing similar situations.
  • Industry Updates: Keep your audience informed by discussing recent legal changes that impact your practice area. This positions you as a lawyer up-to-date with the evolving legal landscape.
  • Local Focus: Incorporate Chicago-specific legal nuances or local court rulings into your content. This caters to local search intent and strengthens your local SEO presence.

3. Connect Your Topics Like the ‘L’ Connects Chicago


internal linking for lawyer website in Chicago

Make sure all your topics are linked together on your website, like how the L train connects the city. This helps visitors and Google finds all your great content easily.

Here’s how to create a powerful internal linking strategy for your Chicago lawyer website:

  • Identify Relevant Connections: Analyze your existing content and identify natural connections between blog posts and website pages. For example, a post on “Chicago employment contracts” could link to another post on “wrongful termination lawsuits.”
  • Anchor Text Optimization: Use relevant keywords as your anchor text when creating internal links. This helps search engines understand the connection between the linked pages.
  • Link Hierarchy: Structure your internal links to create a clear hierarchy. Link from high-authority pages (like your homepage) to relevant sub-pages.
  • Call to Action: Strategically place internal links near calls to action, guiding visitors toward contacting your firm for consultations or further information.
  • Breadcrumbs: Implement breadcrumbs, a navigational element that shows users their current location within your website’s hierarchy.


4. Be the Voice of Authority ️


authority lawyer

Get involved in local legal discussions, maybe even write about local legal events or high-profile cases in Chicago. This shows you’re active and knowledgeable about what’s happening in your city.

Strategies for Local Thought Leadership:


  • Industry Participation: Join local legal associations and participate in relevant discussions or forums.
  • Guest Blogging: Contribute guest blog posts to local legal websites or online publications. This expands your reach and establishes you as an expert within the Chicago legal community.
  • Media Opportunities: Offer your insights as a legal expert on local legal events or high-profile cases. Respond to media inquiries and share your expertise through interviews or published articles.


5. Use Simple, Clear Language


lawyer website design chicago

Write your content in easy-to-understand English. This makes sure that more people can get help from your website, including those who might not speak advanced legal jargon or even English as their first language.

Everyone understands that the law can be complex, but your website shouldn’t be.

Here’s why writing clear, concise content in plain English has its benefits:

  • Better User Experience (UX): By using clear, jargon-free language, your website becomes accessible to a broader audience. This includes potential clients who might not have a legal background or whose first language isn’t English. This improved user experience keeps visitors engaged and more likely to convert into leads.
  • Increased Engagement: Complex legal jargon can alienate potential clients. Simple, easy-to-understand language fosters trust and encourages audience engagement. Visitors feel empowered to understand their legal situation and explore the solutions you offer.
  • SEO Advantages: Search engines prioritize content that is easy for users to understand. Writing in plain English makes your website content more relevant to search engine algorithms and improves your ranking for relevant keywords.


6. Keep Everything Up-to-Date


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Laws change, and so should your website. Regularly update your content to reflect the latest legal changes, especially those relevant to Chicago. This not only helps your visitors but also shows search engines that your website is a current and reliable source.

How to keep your website content fresh:


  • Legal Change Monitoring: Subscribe to legal news sources or industry publications to stay abreast of legislative updates and court rulings relevant to your area of practice.
  • Content Calendar: Develop a content calendar that outlines topics you’ll be covering and scheduled updates. This ensures consistent activity and keeps your website fresh.
  • Revise and Refresh: Review existing blog posts and website content regularly. Update information with the latest legal developments and revise outdated content to maintain accuracy.
  • Leverage Google Alerts: Set up Google alerts for keywords related to your legal niche and Chicago to receive notifications about relevant news articles or legal updates. This allows you to stay informed and potentially create timely content addressing these developments.

Why This Matters ⚠️


Following these steps helps search engines like Google see your law firm’s website as a reliable source of information. This can make your website more visible when people search for legal help in Chicago.
The easier it is to find your site, the more potential clients you can attract.
In case you don’t have time to do SEO for your website, you can consider our expert SEO for Attorneys in Chicago.

Remember, SEO takes time. You won’t see results overnight, but being consistent in improving your website’s topical relevance will pay off in the long run.

Good luck! ⚖️

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