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98% of businesses have own website

These days, every successful business, whether small or large, needs a website in order to attract prospects, interact with existing clients, and maximize sales. However, creating a flawless website layout and design isn’t a piece of cake.

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In order to make the most of your company’s website, you need to build it with your customers’ needs, user experience, and many other details in mind. It has to be intuitive and appealing to users.
At the same time, there are many technical details, SEO, and other things that are also crucial for succeeding in today’s competitive marketplace. Handling this all on your own can be a hell of a challenge. But not if you have a reliable website development service by your side!

SEOTwix is a top-rated and trusted provider of web design & development services.
Our development and web design services are designed to help you build a flawless website from scratch. Read on to learn more!

WordPress Development

If you are looking for a simple, yet effective solution, our WordPress webdesign services are for you! These days, over 35% of websites out there are built with the help of this platform. The reasons for that are simple. WordPress is the most trending CMS in the world and helps create search-engine-friendly and intuitive websites that are fully customizable.

WebFlow Development

Unlike other CMSs, WebFlow offers designers to get out of the typical design workflow that is full of challenges and literally kills creativity. Our team offers a professional small business web design service centered around WebFlow that gives plenty of freedom for creativity and removes the tedium of traditional web dev.

Responsive Web Design

Today, more than 50% of web traffic comes from all sorts of mobile devices. Therefore, making the design of your website responsive is not an option but a MUST if you want to survive and outdo the competition.
Therefore, responsive web design is one of the key SEOTwix’s web agency services.
With this type of service, your business will get a flawless website that easily adapts to the device and screen size of every user.
As a result, with our responsive business website services,
you will have a mobile-friendly website that delivers excellent
user experiences and also helps your SEO.

Graphic Design

While professional website design services are crucial for creating a solid, user-friendly website, professional graphic design services are no less important. The graphic design of different materials and elements plays a crucial role in your branding. Through it, you can communicate your brand’s personality to your customers and we are here to help you with this!
Our expert designers can bring your ideas to life and help you represent your brand in every little detail,
including your:
- Logo
- Business card
- Infographics
- Ebooks

Website Hosting

Every website needs hosting.
But, despite a common belief, not all hosting services are the same. And, if you want to have the most flexible and secure hosting, SEOTwix has you covered!Our website service company offers cost-effective, yet flexible and high-quality, website hosting for your sites.
Apart from providing you with the right web hosting solution, our team will also take care of all the day-to-day operations, such as server management, software updates, support, and more.
With our website hosting solution, you will get the following benefits:
- 100% safety of your data and website9
- 9% uptime
- Automatic daily backups

- And more...

SEO and Web Design

In-stream advertising is a form of paid advertisement on YouTube. These are the ads that pop up in search results, video partners on Display Network,These days, simply building a working website doesn’t work anymore. To get the best results, businesses should also be very thoughtful about the design and SE Oof their website.
Luckily, SEOTwix has you covered.
Our company offers a full service web design for small business. That is, we will build your website from the idea stage and cover even the tiniest details to make it work great. Our web design & development team will even take care of the design and search engine optimization of your site to ensure that it delivers the desired results.
Here’s what we cover in our professional web development services:
- Website Architecture - We make your websites easy to use and logically structured.
- Modern Coding - Our experts use the most cutting-edge coding practices.
- Optimized Speed - We optimize your site’s loading speed to ensure positive user experiences and better SEO.
- Mobile-Friendliness - SEOTwix crafts sites that perform great on all devices. and YouTube videos.

how we do that

Web Design & Development Process

Building a website is an exciting but incredibly complex, multi-stage process that takes lots of time and effort to get through. That’s why it is important to have a well-thought-through web development process in mind.Our design and development team has a well-established process that starts with your vision and ends with a top-quality website tailored to your needs.

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step #1

Identifying Your Goals

As was mentioned earlier, every website development project starts with an idea and vision. Therefore, the first stage of our web dev process requires taking time to identify and understand your ideas and goals. Our experts carefully study your brand’s identity, vision, and needs that we translate into a flawless website.

step #2

Making a Plan

After understanding your needs and goals, our team focuses on planning the future project. At this stage, we develop an outline for your website, define the main stages, and set project milestones with deadlines so that we could stay on the same page with you and implement the project in a timely manner.

step #3

Wireframes & Mockups

During this stage of our web page design services, we create the first draft of your website and discuss it with you to see how your ideas can be implemented in life. We also keep your target audience in mind to ensure that your website will contribute to attaining your business goals.

step #4

Web Development

Once we’ve agreed on the design, SEOTwix’s team moves on to the development phase. At this stage, we finally bring your vision to life. Our expert website developers will apply the most cutting-edge coding practices as they build your site to ensure that everything looks great in the end.

step #5

Quality Assurance

When everything is ready, there is one last step before we can launch your website. The quality assurance stage is there to test the quality and performance of the site in order to ensure that all technical details will work optimally when the site is launched. If there are any issues, we fix them at this stage.

step #6

Website Launch

Finally, after we made sure that your website looks and works great, we can move on to the final stage of the project - launch. Our team has a seamless process that allows a quick and effective launch for your website. And, even when it goes live, our experts will continue to monitor your site to ensure great performance.

your website needs

Marketing to Support Your Website

SEOTwix is not like any other web dev agency. Unlike our competitors, we are a full-service digital marketing agency that can not only build a flawless site that meets your vision but can also provide all the necessary marketing support, including ASO, to help your business get the most out of your website.

Here, at SEOTwix, we believe that creating a solid website is crucial for supporting your business.
But, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
To attain all your business goals, you also have to establish effective marketing efforts and we can help you with this!

After launching your site, we can provide you with the following marketing services to facilitate growth and success:

📈 SEO Services

Our team who provide search engine optimization services in Toronto will help you target the right traffic and optimize your website to rank higher in search engines.

📜 Copywriting

SEOTwix will help your brand gain a unique voice and boost conversions by providing top-level copywriting services.

✨ Online Reputation Management

Lastly, SEOTwix can support and protect your brand’s marketing with effective and warning ORM services.

💰 Pay-Per-Click

Our PPC experts can help you create and run winning PPC campaigns to drive more customers and sales in almost no time.

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In today’s business landscape, a website is much more than just a website. It is a digital business card of your brand that builds your online presence, makes the desired impression on prospects, and helps your business showcase its value and stand out from the crowd. Therefore, having a well-designed and developed website is so important these days.

SEOTwix is here to provide you with website development solutions that bring your vision to life and drive real results. With our help, you can get a flawless website that drives leads, brings high conversions, and helps your brand grow.

So, don’t hesitate and ensure the success of your business with SEOTwix!

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