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November 2022

Technical SEO for the Mississauga's Dental Office

At the beginning of October, we did a full technical SEO analysis and found a lot of mistakes on the client's website. After the implementation of the changes, we got rapid growth in keyword positions up.


At the end of October client asked us about the technical SEO audit and solving the technical issues.


We've finished the technical SEO audit, and found out about the issues such as: - canonical tags absence; - terrible Core Web Vitals measures; - the incorrectly compiled sitemap.xml; - URL structure was not SEO-friendy; - the problem with robots.txt

SEO Traffic:
Average keyword group position:
26 > 6

Project Overview

Technical SEO for the Mississauga's Dental Office

- The website was created in 2021 and the domain is not an exact match domain. The website CMS is Wordpress.
- The link profile has only 10 external links built on forums and social media profiles. All of these links are no-follow.
- The content was SEO optimized especially targeted low-volume niche keywords. The website had 14 pages.


After the technical SEO audit completion, we got a list which included about 15 big and midsize mistakes.
We decide to solve all the issues as soon as possible.
The main part of mistakes was related to Core Web Vitals, for example, low page speed score and google not-friendly image formats.

The other 50% of the mistakes such as:

- problems with canonical tags;
- problems with alt tags;
- 301 pages in the sitemap.xml;
- 404 internal links in the website;
- the incorrectly compiled sitemap.xml;
- URL structure not being SEO-friendly;
- the problem with robots.txt; etc.

So as I mentioned above we decided not to delay to it and start to do positive changes to the website. We spent around 13 hours fixing it and in 2 weeks client got an excellent result!


As a result of our technical SEO, we can assume that reason why the client's website got boosting of the main keyword positions and more traffic is the perfect technical website health. If you have technical issues on your website (93% of websites have) we absolutely recommend fixing all the technical issues as soon as you can to diversify the dropped positions in Google Ranking and contribute to website promotion.

Technical SEO for the Mississauga's Dental Office
SEO Traffic:

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